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Domestic market of flax


The magazine “The Ukrainian Economy”, №1 (662) – 2017 posted an article “Domestic market of flax”. The authors are I.V. Chekhova, Cand. of Econ. Sci., Head of the Economic Research Sector, Institute of Oil Crops of the NAAS of Ukraine, S.A. Chekhov, Cand. of Econ. Sci., Senior Sci. Researcher, Director of the Experimental Station of Rare and Aromatic Crops of the NAAS of Ukraine (Zaporizhzhya), M.P. Shkurko, General Director of the Enlightening Production and Commercial Firm “Siaivo” (Nizhyn).

The dynamics of production indicators of the domestic market of flax is presented in the article, its share in the total structure of the market of oil-bearing crops is determined, and the basic production of oil flax and long-fibred flax is characterized. The consumption directions and price positions of the ready products on the internal and external markets are shown. The composition of participants and their competitive positions on the market of flax are given in detail. The reasons for a disbalance of the functioning of the chain “creation of new sorts – production of original seeds – production of marketable seeds – processing – realization – regulation of a market” are revealed.

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