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"Export to the EU: process, philosophy, opportunities"


In order to highlight the practical aspects of foreign economic activity with the EU Chernihiv Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry held another seminar for SMEs' “Export to the EU: process, philosophy, opportunities”.
The seminar was held on 15th September 2015 with the participation of about 20 members of the Chamber - entrepreneurs of various branches.
The moderator and speaker of the event was the expert of the SC Derzhzovnishinform, business coach, consultant, author of "The Basic Guide to internationalization of business and access to markets in the European Union" – Oleh Myroshnichenko.

Thus, the participants were given practical advice on evaluation of the real export potential company registration procedures, legal aspects and characteristics of foreign trade in Europe.

Ukrainian business makes high-quality and inexpensive products that are able to win a place in the European market. Now it is the perfect time for it to find its niche in the EU. We only need to know how to do it.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian entrepreneurs need to be ready for competition. In general, we must understand that submission of any market is a matter of careful planning, skilled investment and sober ambitions, and the introduction of a deep and comprehensive free trade area with the EU (is launched on 1 January 2016) is an additional bonus, which can be very profitably used by the entrepreneurs.

On 25th September, 2015  the Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs in  Kyiv  held  another seminar  given by speaker and author Oleh Myroshnichenko entitled "Institutional support of exporters, standards and requirements, electronic resources for export to the  European and international markets", which became a logical continuation on the subject of   exports to the EU opened by him earlier.

Ukrainian exporters who participated in this seminar  learned about the possibilities of providing them with assistance and funding from the European and international organizations,  received detailed information on existing voluntary standards abroad (as an example,  being certified under the BRC  standard ), became acquainted  with  EU customs and tax databases, with resources for  verifying the reliability and reputation of  business partner, ways of finding  counterparties in the EU and much else besides.

This particular seminar  gave an opportunity for those who are interested in developing their business to reconsider their activity and focus it more effectively  on EU markets.

The seminar was attended by general director of EPCF  "Siaivo" Ltd. Mykola Shkurko (pictured - second on the left) and sales executive Yaryna Kutovenko (second on the  right).

The seminar was attended by sales executive of  EPCF  "Siaivo" Ltd. Yaryna Kutovenko (in the middle).

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