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A promising market of Gulf countries


On April 12, 2016 a business session "Opening markets in the Persian Gulf countries" was held by  Chernihiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry in its conference hall. The event involved entrepreneurs of Chernihiv region.

The expert was Victoria Rakhmatulina, business development director of the Ukrainian Center of Counseling and Information (UCCI). She detalized main trends and specific features of the region and narrated about the Free Economic Zone of Jafza.

Business session participants were given practical recommendations on establishing business relationship with the countries of the Persian Gulf.

It was highlighted at the meeting that although according to various international marketing companies Gulf countries make one of the most promising markets in the world, Ukrainian exporters should enter this market very carefully.

The expert emphasized that personal relationships, immaculate recommendations and experience of cooperation with other companies in the region, reliability and ethics of a business partner sometimes appear more important to the companies from Gulf countries than the price of the goods.

Besides, Ukrainian exporters should pay particular attention to good quality and the ability to provide potential customers with high quality product samples.

Generally, the session allowed the participants to assess their potential to enter the markets of the Gulf and, having taken advantage of the recommendations to plan their future activities with the greatest efficiency.

Our company was represented at the event by sales department manager Olha Kalinichenko and sales executive Yana Luhovska.

On the left side - Olha Kalinichenko, Yana Luhovska.

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