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ISO 9001 Quality management system - the key to sustainable development of the company


ISO 9001 - is the most recognized management system. ISO 9001 standard has been repeatedly revised and amended. Today the focus is on the 2008 edition (ISO 9001: 2008). Nearly 200 countries in the world have adopted this standard as a national one and apply it to enterprises, institutions and organizations in various fields.

Implementation and certification of ISO 9001 is a recognition and confirmation of the fact that the company processes are coordinated. This is the level that gives an access to the external market since quality management system certification confirms compliance with specific management principles and best world practices.

ISO 9001 requirements outline a systematic control over all means of meeting the needs and requirements of customers. ISO 9001 standard is written in such a way, so that it can be applied to any product or service.

The introduction of quality management system demonstrates the enterprise as a stable one, which is aware of its activities, goals and mission, and has a positive impact on its clients.

Ukraine has chosen the European path of development, that’s why availability of ISO 9001 standard in the company of Ukrainian origin will be properly assessed by the potential foreign partners. Certificate confirming quality management system operation creates the impression of a serious, responsible for the quality of its work company. International certificate ISO 9001 is an important component of mutual trust and business cooperation.

The results of   ISO 9001 implementation for our company are as follows:

Stable company development;

Bringing the company to the international level;

Possibilities of cooperation with foreign companies and investors;

Competitive advantage in marketing activities;

Improving the quality of products or services;

Elaborating company documentation;

Reducing nonproductive expenditures;

Promoting staff responsibility;

Achieving the goals.

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