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25x25 What has changed in agriculture throughout the independence years?


Today, on the 24th of August 2016, Ukraine is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Independence. During all this time brick by brick our country has been building new manufacturing plants, developing and cultivating more crops. interviewed 25 market participants about the meaning of the word “independence” for each of them and also asked to name the main achievement in agriculture of Ukraine over the past 25 years.

Happy Independence day, dear readers!

Independence means huge opportunities for the Ukrainian people. Along with the advent of independence, new potential possibilities have opened up before us. And it’s hardly possible to overestimate this entity. One of the achievements is the preparatory work carried out for implementing necessary reforms, which unfortunately still have not been initiated. But now a young team has gathered – a new generation of agrarian leaders, brought up in the years of independence. And we face an important probation – the implementation of these reforms to serve the interests of the Ukrainian people.

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