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The foundation of the branch association could contribute to the development of linseed industry in Ukraine


While making a report at the conference “Oil-fat industry-2015” which took place on November 6 in Odessa the CEO of “Siaivo” company Mykola Shkurko highlighted both positive and negative aspects in linseed growing. The positive aspect comprises the growth of linseed production volumes from 28 thousand tonnes in 2005 up to 40,8 thousand tonnes in 2014 by means of acreage extension (from 26 to 34 thousand ha).
Meantime he pointed out a wide range of problems that retard the development of the industry: lack of quality seed material of high reproduction, noncompliance with agricultural practices of linseed cultivation, low liquidity of final products, unstable and low demand from processors, and also the existing export duty.
Following his words one can conclude that linseed market in Ukraine is export-oriented and notwithstanding the problems it has all the prospects for further development on condition the actions of all the participants of the industry are strictly coordinated. For this purpose Mykola Shkurko suggests that an association of linseed producers should be founded.

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